Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A crucible of knowledge replicates from one man's solitary diary. 
Understandings are innately acquired from over long distances.
Filtered sunlight reflects serene off a series of alternating mirrors.
Nodal torch points of the Matriculation align themselves over time.
Networks of quasars help synchronize active galaxies universewide. 
Paradise arrives before our eyes after colonizing us from the inside. 
Hell breaks out around us when we find ourselves on any lost cause. 
To be found is to realize we are here at the exact center of creation. 
Awakening from the sleep of the dead often triggers disorientation.
The ghostly real world blurs behind our shuttering facade of factories.
With inexplicable rapidity the self replicating planet corrupts into slag.
Fated to become yet another asteroid belt embedded with human DNA.

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