Monday, July 1, 2013


A head emerges from the limitless, providing nine emanations.
Before this the earth was desolate, the crowns of old kings had been lost.
Their wearers dead for ages, back when nothing faced itself
until the day arrived the vestments of honor were communicated
by this crowning countenance, carrying nine seeds born to echo.
Held dormant in trinities within their own dark equilibrium.
Incomprehensible and as yet unseen, though heralded to ascend
from never into being ever after, the simple triple trinity.
Annealing complicity, keeping the mystery secret through
forging a cranium for crystalline dew, with skin made of ether and triumphant.
Hair of the finest wool covering a benevolent forehead
made of the prayers from seeds, with an eye always open and awake.
Perpetually keeping watch over this glorious network
of gifts and receptions, where the appearance of the lower
comes from the aspect of the higher; a spirit blows across the kingdom
from mighty twin galleries to rush forth about everything.
In the beginning, the six was created with this breath of life
as it was drawn into himself, above the complex beard of dignity...

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  1. I remain grateful for the translation into English of certain books of the Zohar,
    in particular that of the equilibrium of balance, for this modern translation I have
    taken the liberty of adapting into one of my Storems, here.
    ~the author