Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse™
Will Not Be Televised

I remain indoors with the irredeemably captive.
I see a lot from my room looking out through the window.
Only once did I dare to venture out of the Household.
I have too many chores to do, and besides, we aren't allowed.
To go further than the reinforced gate in the Yard
Is to invite certain persecution from the Federal Guard.
My two older brothers kept grave shift watch at both Towers.
Thomas (the eldest) had reported to me troublesome encounters
During his early morning shifts.  Tom confided in me.

Just before his first zombie kill, his target was pointing
Wildly at its champing mouth, as if it were trying to bite off
Its own index finger.  Yet something in the manner
Of its uninhibited gesticulation troubled my brother.
There was a certain desperation to it, he said.  Whereas the others
That he terminated since then barely managed to stand there
Unaffected by flies.  Walking with the slowest deliberation
In no particular direction.  Utterly indifferent to being crowned
By the glorious skies.  This is what got Tom thinking.

I'll say this about my oldest brother, he always used to claim
That he thought too much.  Now look what it got him.
Outside the Fence, and Lod knows if he were still alive
I wish he would send me a sign.  Apparently he sent it
To our brother Pete, instead.  Peter said, "He's one of them
Now.  I saw him yesterday.  Laid him down myself.
He was doing that thing like he was trying to eat his own finger.
I'm sorry little brother.  He is at peace.
After a long silence, I asked him where it happened.

He pointed to an overgrown street corner two blocks outside the Fence.
After calculating the distance, I explained to him my plan.
During a dark hour of morning, with rope he lowered me to the ground.
From the lone Northwest Tower, I ducked my head and ran fast.
Tom's body lay spread eagle on his back amid a bed of dandelions.
The single conclusion which haunts me, and of which I have no doubt,
With the flashlight I peered into his mouth and found his tongue cut out.
I heard a scraping sound, as if someone approached from nearby.
Like a deer I bolted away, and sprinted wide eyed for the Fence.

At the knotted rope I yanked, the bell in the Tower alerted Peter.
He hauled me to safety even as I climbed away from there.
From the top I looked down and saw the body sprawled arms outspread.
Lying still.  The question burning inside of me that I had just found
I was too scared to actually discover the answer for myself now.
I have a role to play and there are rules to follow, we all do.
I will never leave the sanctity of the Household again.
I see a lot from my window up on the second story.
We remain indoors together, the protected and I.