Monday, October 17, 2011


It's when you begin noticing the small things that it gets you.
I mean, by that time, you're hooked, as the saying goes.
Snagged is more like it, I guess it's lucky they don't use hooks.
More like being netted, really. Usually happens in larger groups,
the rest get left behind. You know how it is. But then,
it's only a matter of time, isn't it? Isn't there something
about the Grim Reaper carrying an hour glass? I don't know.
If not, there should be...huh. Maybe Father Time is the Grim Reaper,
maybe they're one and the same. All I know is what I saw
when I finally took that walk around my block.
Well I guess I only been here three and a half months,
and it was winter when I moved in. I always do get restless
after the Ides of March. I went for a walk out under the platinum clouds.
It was just on the verge of raining, but somehow I knew it wouldn't.
It's a nice, quiet neighborhood. Lotta elm trees.
I hooked a left at the first corner. As the concrete sidewalk panels
flowed under my feet, I looked down and noticed first a few,
then dozens more furry gray caterpillar looking things.
As I stepped carefully to avoid crushing them,
I noticed what appeared to be small, lamprey-like suckermouths
of a darker brown which they anchored themselves to the sidewalk with.
They were all in an inchworm position, a whole fleet
of suckermouthed fuzzy gray caterpillars clinging to the sidewalk,
as if against the wind. After a few more strategic strides
they were gone, and I kept walking. I looked down to make sure
none were clinging to the cuffs of my pants. All clear.
I felt relief. The thought of them bothered me.
I did not discover any more such clusters throughout the neighborhood,
that day. Nor have I ever encountered any since.

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